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How To Hide The Smell Of Weed


How To Hide The Smell Of Weed

The smell of weed and cannabis plants can be very persistent, noticeable, and challenging to remove, especially in clothes, hair, and even furniture. Although most marijuana users will say they don't mind the smell, many still want to know how to get rid of the weed smell. 

This could be to contend with picky roommates, parents, or neighbors, any of whom may take issue with the marijuana smell. The reason for wanting to hide the smell of weed could also be because marijuana is still illegal in the place where that person lives or because they do not want to draw unwanted attention.

But how to hide the smell of weed that is so distinctly recognizable? 

Here are some tips and tricks on not only preventing but also on how to get rid of the smell of marijuana during and after smoking, as well as additional information on how to store marijuana without giving off the scent.

Smoking weed

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Choose a good location to smoke 

If you have the option, then smoking outside in the fresh air allows the smell to disperse easier rather than linger around.

Putting a little time into preparing a room as a smoking area before lighting up a joint will make it easier to get rid of odors later. If you do smoke inside, following these next tips will help get rid of the smell sooner. 

Exhaust or ventilation equipment

If you grow or smoke marijuana indoors, you should consider getting a proper ventilation system. It is crucial to maintain constant airflow to keep the space fresh, and it is much easier to remove the smell of cannabis from a well-ventilated room. (Remember to check and replace the filters in the air purifier regularly). A good air purifier will help eliminate the smoke as soon as it's created.

Ensure proper ventilation to allow fresh air to circulate

Keeping a good stream of fresh air blowing through the room allows for good air circulation that will take the smelly smoke outside, which can significantly prevent the smoke from lingering on you, furniture, walls, and carpets. Open the windows/doors and point the fan from across the room to create a through breeze; alternately turn on the aircon. This will help circulate the air. Just make sure you don't blow smoke into your neighbor's apartment.

Smoking in the bathroom

Turn on the shower and make it as hot as possible. The steam in hot water will mix with the smoke and help pull the smoke away. Make sure you also turn on the fan, so the steam/smoke mixture is sucked out of the bathroom. Stuffing damp towels into the cracks at the bathroom door's bottom also helps prevent smoke from spreading out of the room. After you're done, you can also take a quick shower to help clear away any lingering smells!

Smoking in the bathroom

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How to hide the smell of weed when smoking

First, there are several steps you can use to mask the smell of weeds or prevent it from spreading. 

Use natural fragrances, scented candles, or essential oils.

Try to stay away from regular deodorants provided by the supermarket. These don't usually mask the smell of marijuana very well, instead, they mix with it. Potpourri or dried lavender works to help mask the smell, scented candles, and essential/aromatherapy oils and incense sticks. These are cheap and easy to buy. Just be careful to keep anything hot away from anything flammable places and don't leave candles or incense sticks unattended. 

Use a Sploof

Sploofs, sometimes called a doob-tube are handheld devices that are an easy-to-use filter made to turn the smell of weed into the scent of freshly washed clothes. 

Commercially available ones may use a carbon filter to minimize the smell of marijuana. Just below the smoke through the open end of the sploof and let the filter work its magic. You can make an improvised Sploof yourself. 

All you need is toilet paper rolls (or plastic bottles), paper towels, scented laundry dryer sheets, and rubber bands.

Here is how to make Sploof in four steps:

  1. Grab a toilet paper roll (or a plastic bottle, then use scissors or a knife to cut off the top).
  2. Fill the toilet paper tube with three or four layers of scented drying paper.
  3. Take another piece of dry paper or a paper towel and fold it over one end of the toilet roll.
  4. Secure in place with a rubber band or tape.

That's it. You're ready to go. When you smoke, exhale the smoke into your DIY sploof, and it will smell like fresh laundry.

how to make Sploof

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Try vaping

The evaporator heats or concentrates the hemp to just the right temperature to extract the cannabinoids and terpenes without actually burning them. Not only does this prevent the harmful tar and carcinogens released by traditional combustion methods, but the vapor produced has a much weaker aroma.

The Ice cream Weed evaporator is Lookah's first dry herb vape pen. It features a nano black ceramic heating element for a pure flavor. The vape offers a smooth way to enjoy your pot without tearing your throat. Because your vaping temperature is below the burning temperature, there is no smoke and little smell, making it a subtle way to enjoy your weed, be it at home, or out and about.

Smoke with a pipe

Pipes and one-hitters are designed for use with dry weed, flower, or marijuana. Glass pipes and one-hitters allow you to smoke weed in one hit and don't create as much smoke as you'd get with bongs. While the one-hitter only holds enough cannabis in the pipe for one hit, you can do the same with your pipe bowl by packing less into it and thereby minimizing the smoke that comes up from the bowl. You can also smoke with a water pipe such as a bong. The smoke you exhale from a bong has less odor than that which comes from a joint or a pipe because of the water filtration.

Hide the smell after smoking

In addition to opening the window and turning on the fan, there are more tips and tricks to eliminate the smell of marijuana quickly.

Hide the smell of weed

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Clean up

An excellent way to remove the smell of cannabis smoke from your person 'is to wash your face and hands after smoking, but it's best to take a shower and wash your hair simultaneously, as hair may absorb most of the weeds odor. Also, we recommend that you brush your teeth or chew gum.

If you don't have time to take a shower, use a deodorant spray and at least change your clothes. And make sure to wash clothes as soon as possible after smoking. If you can't wash them straight away, put them in a laundry basket with a lid on or put them in the washing machine and close the door to prevent the smell from seeping around your home. You should also clean up and put away any ashtrays, bongs, pipes, and other smoking equipment, which may have the smell of weed on it.

Absorb some sunlight

The sun's ultraviolet rays help neutralize odors. If the weather is clear and sunny, spend 30 minutes to an hour outside in direct sunlight. This will help remove some of the residues from your body and clothing.


When you're not using your weed, you should keep it stored away, many people will recognize those little zip-lock bags, but a better place to store your weed is in an airtight glass jar. They can be bought from most large supermarkets or dry goods stores and are the ideal way to keep your herb without the smell slowly seeping out into the atmosphere around it. 

Spicy food

Cooking up a batch of aromatic food like Tikka Masala, a nice Korma, or Thai green curry can help cover up the smell of cannabis smoke. The rich spices such as cloves, ginger, garlic won't get rid of the cannabis smell, but they will do a good job of masking them as your replacing one lingering smell with the other. So if you want to smoke a joint while cooking up a delicious tasty batch of curry, then you also have some perfect food to fight the munchies later.