How To Clean Your Lookah Wax Pen Coils

710 Coils

How To Clean Your Lookah 710 Wax Pen Coils  

How To Clean Your Lookah 710 Wax Pen Coils

Dab pen coils are consumables; most of us throw them away and replace them with new ones. However, regular cleaning will extend the life of your wax pen coils and keep them functioning at an optimum level.

Different Lookah 710 coils

The Lookah 710 quartz atomizer coils are for the Python, Dragon Egg, Unicorn Mini, Q7, Swordfish, and other Lookah devices. These coils come in four styles: A, B, C, and D. 

These coils are all interchangeable. The atomizers have different coil layouts and airflow, which produce a different heat profile, slightly changing how they work. 

Type A - Best Taste - This coil has a wider plate, which heats slower but more evenly. It has good 360-degree airflow. Overall, it creates a smoother taste. 

Type B - Best Vapor Production - The two holes in this coil lead to faster heat-up. The two holes in the coil expose the wax to a faster, higher temperature, creating more vapor. 

Type C - Wax Saving - The square plate heats up evenly and has a directional airflow that draws across the top, which helps preserve the wax. 

Type D - See-Through - These coils are similar to the type B coils but have a see-through side, allowing you to check how much wax is in the vape without opening it up. 

How much wax should I use?

For optimal performance, it's advised to use small dabs about the size of a peppercorn or a couple of grains of rice. 

Place the wax in the quartz plate's center so it heats evenly. 

This allows the wax to heat fully and vaporize evenly; placing large dabs into the coil means that some wax is not heated evenly. 

It can cause the coil to overflow or the excess wax to run onto the coils and burn. 

To prevent overloading, ensure all wax is vaporized before adding extra dabs. 

The coils have a porous quartz plate, and while this produces a good heat distribution, the porous quartz can get clogged over time, affecting its performance. 

Cleaning the coils after each use is advised to maintain optimal coil efficiency. This will prevent wax buildup and mean you don't need to clean the coils fully as often. 

You will know when your dab pen coil needs cleaning if it has a poor performance, burnt flavor, or inconsistent vapor delivery.

How to Quick Clean Dab Coils?

Quick clean:

1. Set the Lookah vape to the highest voltage setting. 

2. With a Q-tip, use the rounded side to clean the walls and mop up any excess wax.   

2. Press and hold the button on the vape for 10 seconds to heat the coil fully. 

This will burn off any excess wax in the coil and prevent it from hardening and clogging the porous quartz in the atomizer coil. Depending on the amount of excess wax, you may want to repeat step 2 a few times. 

3. With a Q-tip, wipe around the inside of the coil to remove any remaining wax. 

How To Fully Clean the Dab Coils?

Full clean: 

After using the coil for a while, the wax will build up in the coil and discolor the quartz plate. This wax can clog the prouse quartz in the coil and will reduce the effective heating area, lowering the coil's efficiency. The wax buildup will also start to burn and can create a bad taste when vaping. 

Depending on how frequently you vape and what waxes you use in the coil, you will need to do a complete clean after several vaping sessions. 

About 40 minutes

Necessary Items:

For cleaning your atomizer, you're going to need:

Small nylon brush/Q-tips/cotton buds
91 to 99% isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol)
Wet Wipes or paper towels
Container to hold your atomizer
Coil cleaning equpiment

To do a full clean, follow these steps:

1 Remove the coil:
Take the coil out of your device.

2 Wipe off excess wax
Use a Q-tip and a little isopropyl to wipe off any excess wax inside the coil. Wipe around the walls and mop up any excess wax.
Use a tissue and a little isopropyl to wipe down the outside of the coil.

3 Soak the Coil
Place the coil in a bowl of cleaning alcohol (90%+ Isopropyl alcohol) for 30 minutes.

4 Wipe outside
Remove the coil from the alcohol. Wipe off any alcohol around the outside of the coil.

5 Wipe inside
Use a Q-tip and clean the inside of the coil gently. Don't press down on the quartz plate, which could damage it.

6 Let it dry
Let the coil dry completely. This could take a few hours. 

7 Heat the Coil
Screw the coil back onto the Lookah vape, and turn on the vape (5 clicks). Set the voltage to the highest setting. Then, heat the coil 3 or 4 times. This will burn off the excess residue from the coil.
To do a full clean, follow these steps:

Why do you need to clean dab pen coils?

There are a few important reasons you need to clean your dab pen coils:

  • You will appreciate the flavors of your concentrates better.
  • You won't get those nasty burnt flavors, which you will get once there is excess resin built up inside the coils.
  • It will help keep your coils running longer. This will save you money on coil replacements.
  • Cleaner coils will lower the stress on the battery because your pen won't have to heat up as much to vaporize your concentrates.
  • Clean coils will vaporize your concentrates more efficiently. This will save you money on concentrates.