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How to Clean an Acrylic Bong

How to Clean an Acrylic Bong

Maintaining a clean bong isn't just about appearance; it's essential for protecting your health.

Regular bong cleaning provides you with a high-quality smoking experience.

Wondering how to efficiently clean an acrylic bong? We're here to demonstrate the most effective method for cleaning your bong.

Importance of Regularly Cleaning an Acrylic Bong

The following are the benefits of cleaning your bong regularly.

1.Long-Lasting and Robust

2.Enhanced Flavor and Scent

3.Prolong the life of your Bong

4.Keep your bong hygienic and safe to use.

TOOLS FOR CLEAN an Acrylic Bong

Four household items are all it takes to make your acrylic bong look like new!

1.Sea salt


3.70% topical alcohol

4.Hot water

TOOLS FOR CLEAN an Acrylic Bong

Best Way To Clean an Acrylic Bong

1.Fill the bong with hot water and rinse over the sink. Pour off the dirty water from the bong and disassemble the parts.

2.Carefully rinse the chamber and base with hot water to ensure that each part is adequately cleaned. each bong component, resealable plastic bag

4.add an appropriate amount of 70% topical alcohol and some salt.

5.Seal the container and shake vigorously for 3 to 5 minutes to ensure that the alcohol and salt can fully penetrate the pieces of the bong.

6.Remove the bong piece from the container, place it directly under the faucet, and rinse with running hot water, wipe off any residual resin.

7.Squeeze the lemon into the hot water to make a mixture. Spin for 60 seconds. Final rinse.

8.use a cotton swab to reach into every crack and crevice and manually remove any remaining impurities.

9.sit the bong for a few hours so that any remaining moisture can evaporate naturally.

10.Inspect each component for any lingering odors before reassembly.

How long should I wait after cleaning the bong before using it?

allow the bong enough time to dry

It is best to allow the bong enough time to dry to ensure that all of the topical alcohol has evaporated, as it is very flammable. 

Allow your bowl enough time to dry so that you don't wet the weed when you use the bong.


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