How Much Is a Vape? Average Cost Guide


Vaping has become a popular and budget-friendly alternative to smoking for many people.

Understanding the cost of vapes in today's market can be a bit overwhelming for new users because there are so many different brands, types and models of vapes available.

Don't Worry! Let's look at vape prices and break down the factors that could influence their cost. We'll also introduce several ways to save money on Vapes.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced vaper, reading this article can help you make informed decisions when purchasing your next device.

Different Types of Vapes

There are different types of vaping devices, but the two main categories are disposable vapes and refillable vapes.

The difference between the two types of vapes lies in their design and function.

1. Disposable Vapes

Disposable vapes are compact, single-use e-cigarette devices that come pre-filled with vape juice and a fully charged battery.

They are designed for convenience and simplicity, making them an accessible option for beginners or vapers on the go.

2. Refillable Vapes

Refillable vapes, also known as open-system or reusable vapes, are devices that can be refilled with e-liquid.

Refillable vapes come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from small pen-style devices to larger box mods. Including pod systems, cigalikes, AIOs (all in ones), vape pens, and MTL tanks with small box mods (starter kits).

They offer users more control over their vaping experience, allowing them to choose their own e-liquids and adjust the device's settings to their liking.

How Much Do Vapes Cost?

The price of vapes can vary significantly depending on factors like the type of device, brand, puff count, nicotine strength and accessories..

In general, A basic disposable vape pen might set you back just $5, while a top-of-the-line vape mod could cost to $300 or more.

Knowing the key factors that influence overall vaping cost can help you make savvy purchase decisions aligned with your needs and budget.

1. Disposable Vapes

Price range: $5 to $40

The pre-filled disposable vapes cost less initially but can add up for consistent vapers.

Over time, purchasing many of these vapes can become less cost-effective than other refillable options.

2. Vape Pens

Price range: $15 to $100 or more

A vape pen is pen-shaped device that almost as simple to use as a disposable vape, but its refillable tank allows it to be reused repeatedly.

You can vape different kinds of e-juice with the same pen, trying different flavors and concentrations to find the ones you like best.

3. Pod Systems

Price range: $10 to $200

In pod vapes, the heating coil and the e-liquid reservoir are combined into a small plastic cartridge that can be quickly swapped out when depleted.

Some vape pods are prefilled and disposable, while Others are refillable.

The downside of a pod system is that you can only use vape pods that are compatible with your device — generally, this means those from the same manufacturer.

Many pod kits also have relatively limited battery life compared to more advanced vaping devices.

4. Vape Mods

Price range: $50 to $200 or more

Also known as “box mods” due to their more square and beefy profile, vape mods are the go-to choice for users who want to customize their vaping experience as much as possible.

This kind of vape kit offers a broader range of settings, including fine-tuned control of wattage and sometimes temperature — which allows you to change the vapor's volume, taste, and feel.

Every piece of a vape mod, including the battery, the tank, and the atomizer coil, can be swapped out, letting you adjust the configuration as much as you like.

Vape mods are better suited to experienced vapers than beginners. Taking advantage of all their settings may require a fair amount of knowledge, and the starting price is generally higher than other types of vape kits.

5. Dry Herb Vaporizers

Price range: $40 to $300 or more

Dry herb vapes, unlike e-cigarettes, don't vaporize e-liquids. Instead, they directly heat herbs and plant material to a specific temperature, below their point of combustion, to produce vapor containing the desired compounds.

Cannabis and tobacco are frequently chosen herbs for dry vaping. These vaporizers (like lookah ice cream) allow you to enjoy their unique flavors and effects without combustion.

How much does vape juice cost?

Vape juice prices can vary depending on several factors, including the brand, flavor, nicotine content, and bottle size (from 10 mL to 120 mL).

Since the range can be wide, you should pay approximately $5 to $40 per 30 ml bottle.

Prefilled cigalikes & pod devices 1ml = around $2 per cartridge or pod
Disposable vapes 1ml = between $5 and $15
Regular e-liquid 30ml = between $5 and $10
Premium e-liquid 30ml = between $10 and $20
Organic e-liquid 30ml = between $15 and $35
Nic salts 30ml = around $15 on average

10 Factors that Influence the Cost of Vapes

The price of producing vapes depends mainly on the quality of materials and the technology the manufacturer uses.

1. Brand

Established brands often come with a higher price tag due to their reputation and quality assurance.

However, lesser-known brands can offer more affordable options without compromising on performance.

2. Disposable vs. Reusable

Disposable vape pens cost $10-$20 and offer convenience but entail ongoing costs for replacements.

Reusable vape pens and kits ($25-$70) are cost-effective in the long run, requiring separate e-liquid purchases.

3. Device Complexity

Vape devices come in various shapes, sizes, and functionalities.

Basic vape pens and pod systems tend to be more budget-friendly, while advanced mods and high-powered devices can be pricier due to their advanced features and customization options.

4. Build Quality and Materials

Vapes made with premium materials like stainless steel or high-quality alloys tend to be more expensive.

These devices often offer better durability and longevity.

5. Additional Features

Some vapes come with extra advanced features like temperature control, adjustable airflow, or OLED screens.

These added functionalities can increase the price of the device.

6. Battery Capacity

Devices with larger battery capacities generally cost more.

Higher-capacity batteries provide longer vaping sessions without the need for frequent recharging.

7. Ingredients Quality

Premium vape juices use high-grade ingredients, including pharmaceutical-grade nicotine and top-tier flavorings, which can increase production expenses.

Conversely, low-quality vape juice contains cheaper ingredients, like impure nicotine and substandard propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin, that can lead to symptoms like dry mouth and a sore throat.

8. Nicotine Strength

Vapes with higher nicotine levels are often pricier because they deliver a stronger sensation.

To do this, the manufacturers need to use more nicotine extract in production, which can increase the vape cost.

On the other hand, e-liquids with no nicotine usually cost less and are much safer than those containing nicotine.

9. Accessories

When buying a vape, you might also want to consider purchasing accessories along with it.

Accessories include parts like extra coils, care items like maintenance kits, or tools to help with loading and unloading materials.

Many vaporizers can be purchased with starter or accessory kits.

Starter kits are a great way to get all the accessories you need for your device at a bundled price, saving you money over purchasing them separately.

10. Where you buy

Where you buy a vape device can influence its cost. For example, a local vape store offers convenience but may charge more than an online retailer, which can have competitive pricing.

Additionally, Prices can also vary due to different state or country taxes and regulations.

10 Tips to Save Money on Vapes

While vapes offer convenience and affordability, frequent use can still strain your wallet.

Here are 10 tips to help you save money when using vapes:

1. Buy in Bulk

Purchasing vapes in bulk from vape shops or online retailers can often result in discounted prices, which can save up to 20% compared to purchasing them individually. .

2. Look for Coupons and Sales

Keep an eye out for coupons, sales, and deals offered by vape companies through mailing lists, online, or in vaping magazines.

3. Choose Refillable Devices

While refillable vape pens or mod devices have a higher upfront cost, they can be more cost-effective in the long run as you only need to purchase e-liquid refills.

4. Consider Lower Strength E-Liquid

Opting for lower nicotine strength e-liquid can make your vapes last up to 20% longer, resulting in significant savings over time.

As a bonus, It also can help you reduce your nicotine dependence.

5. Avoid Premium Brands

Stick to affordable vape brands rather than premium labels, as the vapor quality and flavor are often comparable despite the price difference.

6. Shop Online

Online vape shops frequently offer lower prices and free shipping for orders over a certain amount.

Compare prices across different sites to find the best deals and avoid vendors with low unit prices but expensive shipping fees.

7. DIY Your E-Liquid

If you use refillable devices, mixing your own e-liquid can save you 70% or more compared to buying premium e-liquids.

Remember to Follow safety guidelines when handling and storing nicotine.

8. Don't Vape as Much

Cutting back on your usage by spacing out vaping sessions and taking smaller puffs can dramatically extend the life of your vapes.

9. Avoid Leaks and Wastage

Properly storing your vapes away from heat, direct sunlight, and pressure can help prevent leaks and e-liquid wastage, which drive up costs.

10. Consider Reusable Models

For maximum savings, switch to a reusable vape model with a battery and heating element that lasts for hundreds of charge cycles.

While the initial investment is higher, you'll save money in the long run compared to using disposables.


Vaping is cheaper and more convenient than smoking, but you should choose the suitable device for the ultimate experience.

Even though disposables look inexpensive at first glance, rechargeable vapes are actually more cost-effective in the long run.

The cost per device varies greatly with a large variety of vaping devices. This is further impacted by factors such as additional features, vape juice quality, brand reputation, vape accessories, and more.

Consider your vaping needs, preferences, and budget to make the best choice for a satisfying vaping.