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​ How Much Do Vape Carts Cost?

Different Vape carts

How Much Do Vape Carts Cost? 

 How Much Do Vape Carts Cost?

Vaping cannabis is not a cheap hobby, but it needn't break the bank if you're a savvy shopper. The cost of a weed cart depends on the type of wax concentrate it contains, the size of the cart, your geographical location, and whether you're shopping online or in person. 

There are many options to choose from, such as live resin, delta 8 THC, CBD distillate, full-spectrum, and more. The price will vary, but over time, the most considerable cost to the vaper is the cannabis cartridge because they will need to buy a new cartridge continuously when the old one runs dry. 

There is no shortage of shops selling vape cartridges, but it's essential to understand that when you walk into one shop, their price tag is not the only price available. There are many different types of cartridges and various shops that offer them. So, with a little shopping around and prior knowledge, you can find your preferred cart at an affordable price. 

Below, we will explore a few different types of cartridges and their typical price range. The price ranges are based on comparing prices from several shops online and in our area. If you are interested in the price of other concentrates like shatter, kief, and live resin, check out our article on cannabis concentrate prices. 


Live Resin Carts

Live resin carts

1G - $25-60

0.5G - $25-70

300MG - $19-45

Ranging from moderate to high levels of THC, these cartridges have the full chemical composition of the cannabis plant. The typical price of these cartridges, in comparison with others, falls into the more expensive category primarily because of the production process.

For a 1/2g Live Resin cart, the price will start at about $25 or $30. Prices can be as much as $80, but the average for a 1/2 gram live resit cart is $25-$70. 

However, there are shops where you could find some going as low as $15, but the range mentioned above is the price point you will find most of the time. 

Another type is the 300mg Live Resin, and this type of cartridge has a price range of $19 - $45, with most staying at the higher end toward $45. 

CBD Carts

2G - $30-$60

1G - $20- $60

200MG - $20-30

The appeal of CBD is you can get the therapeutic effects without getting "high." They contain less than 0.3% THC and are extracted from a cannabis plant. While they won't get you high, they can provide pain relief and have a calming, soothing effect. 

CBD is growing in popularity, reflected in the prices and variety of CBD cartridges on the market. This variety and abundance of the product make for considerable price fluctuation. The typical price range for a 1-gram cart of CBD cartridges is $20-$60. 

Some options available could be as low as 200 mg to as high as 2g. As expected, the 2g CBD carts are more expensive, with most coming in around the $30-$60 range. But again, with extensive price fluctuation, some shops charge as high as $100 for a 2g cart. On the lower end is the 200mg, which can go below $20, but most stay around $30.

While all these sizes can be found at lower prices, as mentioned, there needs to be some skepticism associated with these lower prices. The lower-priced cartridges, whether 2g, 1g, 500mg, or 200mg, can be of lower quality, so there should be some caution when buying these lower-priced cartridges. 

THC Carts 

Delta 9 1G - $30-$50

Delta 8 1G - $15-$30

Delta 10 1G - $25-$40

THC carts or dab carts come in many varieties, such as Delta 8, 9, and 10. Each achieves the goal of getting the user "high" but to varying degrees. Delta 9 is the most commonly sought-after variety, but each has formed its user community. Loopholes in the laws allowed for sales of Delta 8 or 10 carts in nonlegal states as long as it was derived from hemp and not cannabis.

For 1g Delta-9 THC carts, these can come in a price range of $30-$50. At the same time, a 2g cart can be found for as little as $50. 

A Delta-8 THC cart gives its users a milder "high." This lower intensity "high" is why it is commonly associated with beginners or those who do not enjoy getting too "high." This lower intensity and association with beginners leads the price to be on the lower end. A 1g Delta-8 cart can go as low as $10. However, they tend to stay in the $15-$30 range. 

Delta-10 THC carts are complex to manufacture, which is why they typically are mixed with other cannabinoids. Their price generally falls around that of the Delta 8 or 9 types, but the price depends more on which cannabinoids they combine to make up the cart's content. The range for this cart is between $25 and $40 for 1g. 

Why are cartridge prices different across the country?

Each state has its market for the products it sells. Some states with larger populations and more established markets, such as California, have lower prices than states where cannabis has only recently been legalized. 

The difference in price for vaping carts comes down to a few reasons. 

  • Demand - Vaping is growing in popularity, but each location has different demographics. Some states have higher rates of vaping than others, meaning these states' users have a higher demand for carts. States with lower demand will see different prices. The same scenario also plays out with the different cartridge types. If, in a particular state, more people use CBD carts than other carts, these carts will be more expensive not only to other cartridge types in the state but also as opposed to states where CBD is the least desired cart. There is also supply to consider; if a cart is over or undersupplied in a state, then this will impact the prices. 
  • Vaping product tax rates - In some states, taxes are imposed on all vaping products, including carts. These taxes imposed on the supplier and the product producer are reflected in the consumers' prices. Some taxes get calculated per unit rate or wholesale price, but either way, they impact the retail price. Minnesota has the highest rate for either, with a wholesale tax rate of 95%, and Kentucky with a $1.50 per unit rate. So, these states would most likely have higher prices, while there would be lower prices in states with lower or no taxes.

Taking into consideration these factors, each supplier within each state calculates their prices for vaping carts. Some places may have carts on the cheaper end, while others may have higher-priced ones. 


The number of people vaping cannabis has increased in recent years. This rise means more people are looking for cannabis carts. Which cart to get depends on a person's smoking habits, desired outcome, and budget. It's possible to find carts for as much as $100, but they can go as low as $10 in some circumstances. Looking around and exploring multiple sites and shops could be the best way to find cheaper carts. But spending the extra couple of dollars for a higher-quality cart is worthwhile for some. It all depends on the individual.