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How Long Does A Dab Pen Battery Last?


How Long Does A Dab Pen Battery Last?

How Long Does A Dab Pen Battery Last?

Nowadays, vape pens are the most popular device for consuming cannabis concentrates. They are convenient, versatile, easy to use, and can last a surprisingly long time.

But how long does a vape pen battery typically last? That depends on several factors.

The average life expectancy of a vape pen battery is one of the main deciding factors when choosing a pen.

The first thing to remember is that some significant factors decide the lifespan of a vape pen battery. Such as:

  • Rate of vape consumption
  • The size of your battery
  • Temperature/Voltage
  • The resistance of your heating element (ohms)

In this article, we shall review the contributing factors individually to determine the average life of your vape pen's battery when fully charged.

Rate of Vape Consumption:

Like many things, the life of a vape pen battery depends on the frequency of use. The more you use it, the shorter it will last. 

It would help if you thought about how frequently you are vaping to find a battery that is suitable for your needs and how often you will be vaping from it.

If you only vape occasionally, you will not need to charge it as frequently as someone who vapes several times a day. A device like the Lookah Snail or Load 510 thread battery would suit infrequent vapers. 

The Size of Your Dab Pen Battery

The Size of Your Dab Pen Battery

The second factor that decides how long a vape's battery allows you to vape is its size.

In other words, the battery capacity. The power in a vape pen's battery is measured in milliamps. Usually, the battery power mentioned on the label is in milliamps per hour (mAh). 

The higher the number of milliamps that battery has, the longer it will last. For example, a vape pen with an 800mAh battery will last much longer than a device with a 300mAh battery.

Some vapers like to estimate the number of puffs or vaping sessions they can enjoy from a single battery charging session. 

However, this is only sometimes helpful, as no two vapes inhale and vape similarly. Other factors, such as cartridges, can play a part. The number of puffs you can take from a fully charged battery will sometimes differ.

However, we can use some perceptions. On average, a fully charged battery in a vape pen allows you to enjoy 300 to 500 puffs. 

Besides the battery's power, one extra important factor can influence its life: the material you put into your vape. 

Vape Temperature & Voltage

The temperature and voltage are related. Lookah vaping devices work on a regulated voltage output. This is different from variable temperature settings like some ecig vape mods.

Higher temperatures are required for vape materials with a waxier consistency. That is because these take more heat and time than regular e-liquids in oil vape pens. 

Vapor chasers who favor vapor production over flavor will need vapes with higher output to support the sub-ohm tanks required for great vapor production. This will, therefore, determine the type of vapor batteries they need.

This increase in the output means you'll also have to charge the device more frequently. 

The Resistance of Your Atomizer Coil (Ohms)

What are Ohms? Before you feel overwhelmed by the word "Ohm(s)," calm down. We won't go into the physics of it here. 

You may have seen a little horseshoe-like character on your vape next to a small number. That is the resistance of your atomizer coil kit, measured in ohms.

Most cartridges for vape pens have chambers with the exposed coil(s). The winding of these coils creates resistance, which is measured in ohms.

The coil's resistance indicates how much power (watts and voltage) the battery needs to run. 

The resistance to the flow of current is measured in ohms. The lower the Ohms, the lower the resistance, so the more power is needed. This is why Sub-Ohm vape cartridges require more powerful batteries. 

This resistance can differ from vape to vape and cartridge to cartridge. So it is essential to make sure that the battery is capable of working with the 

The Average Lifespan of a Vape Pen's Battery

Depending on the factors mentioned above, a vape pen's battery life can last from a few hours to a few days. 

However, the average battery lifespan of a vape pen device is about a week. You will have to charge it once a week. 

Turn off your battery after each session, which will help you enjoy more use. 

What Ideal Battery Power Should One Consider When Buying a Vape Pen?

When considering the power of a vape pen's battery, we must focus on our needs. 

If you are a daily user who only wants to charge once or twice a week, we recommend a battery with 650 to 900mAh power. The Lookah Firebee, with its 650mAh battery, would be a suitable choice.

If you want a more portable and discreet battery and don't mind charging it every few days, we recommend 400mAh to 600mAh. The Snail or Lookah Load would be ideal in this situation. 

Suppose you want to use larger vape cartridges like 2ml carts. In that case, they will typically need a device supporting a lower resistance, so the Lookah Load, Firebee, or Turtle 510 thread vape pen devices would be best.

Tips for the Longevity of Your Dab Pen's Battery Life

Below, we have enlisted some tips that will elongate the life of your dab pen.

  • Only charge your battery when it is below 25% charged. Avoid overcharging it.
  • Follow the cleaning routine of your vape pen religiously. A dirty vape means you'll need to heat it longer, which uses more power. 
  • Always store your dab pen's battery at a suitable temperature. Keep your batteries away from moisture.
  • Avoid dropping your device, as this can affect the performance of your battery and its ability to hold a charge.

Last Words:

With that, we have concluded our article about the battery life expectancy of your vape pen. 

However, a little care goes a long way, no matter your device.

With proper maintenance and care, you can extend the life of your battery, allowing you to enjoy more puffs from a single charge.