How do you use a portable Electric Dab Rig?


How do you use a portable Electric Dab Rig?

When you are out and about and wish to relieve yourself from the exhaustion of the day, then a portable e-cigarette device is undoubtedly the ideal choice for you. It is compact, easy to carry around and can be used almost anywhere at any time. Now, let me tell you more about the wonders of a portable dab rig.

What is a portable Electric Dab Rig?

Mini Electric Dab Rig

A portable electric Dab Rig, also known as an E-Rig, is a type of vaporizer used for consuming cannabis concentrates.

It typically consists of a battery-powered atomizer and a mouthpiece or glass percolator, offering a portable way to dab.

These devices have become popular due to their safety compared to traditional dabbing methods that involve using a butane torch.

They often feature various temperature settings, allowing users to customize their experience for different types of concentrates or personal preferences.

Some models also offer additional features such as haptic feedback, USB-C charging, and app controllability.

What is a portable Electric Dab Rig used for?

A portable dab rig is compact, which means it contains less water than bigger dab rigs, and in this case less is more. With dabbing, you will get an optimal flavor experience when you have less filtration. When your dab rig is slightly bigger and contains more water, it increases filtration, but it reduces flavor. So, when you want to experience the flavor of your concentrates and oil to the utmost extent, try dabbing with a portable dab rig.

How do you use a portable Electric Dab Rig?

Though technique varies with equipment, the fundamentals of dabbing remain constant. Here is the step-by-step procedure for dabbing cannabis concentrates:

1. Make sure your nail is secured to your dab rig

An essential part of using a dab rig is preparation, and securing the nail to your rig is absolutely crucial.

If your dab rig is not properly secured, you may be subjecting yourself to a world of pain. Before the nail is heated, ensure the nail is fastened to your rig without a hint of wobble.

2. Turn on the torch and heat the nail

Using your torch or heating element, uniformly heat your nail. Apply the flame of the torch directly to the nail Generally, you can heat your nail for 20-30 seconds, depending on the thickness of the nail and the power of your torch. You may notice a reddish glow to the hot nail when it is fully heated.

3. Let the nail cool

Allow the nail to cool, letting the heat disperse throughout the nail. A good rule of thumb is to

let your nail cool for at least twice as long as you heated it.

The nail will retain much of the heat of the torch even minutes after heating, so keep the nail away from your bare skin to avoid burns.

Low-temperature dabs are higher in flavor and less harsh on the lungs.

4. Use the dabber to apply the dab to the nail

Place your dab on the nail using your dabber, inside the dome. If the nail is heated properly, the dab will evaporate very quickly.

Pivot the tip of the dabber until all of the oil has evaporated.

5. Cover with the carb cab and inhale

Slowly and calmly inhale the dab. Be careful not to inhale (or exhale) too quickly, or you might irritate your throat and lungs.

If you cough in response, this may be a sign that the nail temperature was too high before you applied the dab. When the dab is at the right temperature, there should be no coughing.

You may start to experience the effects of the dab within seconds of exhalation.

6. Clean the nail

Once finished inhaling, Q-tip the nail to remove any excess residual concentrate from the nail.

How much does a portable Electric Dab Rig cost?

Electric Dab Rig

A LOOKAH portable Electric Dab Rig typically costs around $149.99, as seen on the product pages from various retailers.

There may be discounts or special offers available, such as the Father's Day sale mentioned on one of the websites, which could potentially reduce the cost.

It's always a good idea to check for any current promotions or deals when making a purchase.


A proper portable Electric Dab Rig not only enhances your pleasure but also makes your life more convenient, healthy, personalized, and stylish.!

It's like a portable source of pleasure that you can carry with you, allowing you to enjoy a touch of peace and pleasure at any time in your busy life!