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Glass dab rigs industry needs standardized development.


In fact, many people are optimistic about glass dab rigs. Only three months have passed since 2019, with 248 new glass dab rigs. Even some investors, while investing in glass dab rigs, said they were not optimistic about the industry.
However, judging from the big-name investment institutions standing behind this series of Glass dab rigs entrepreneurs, capital is still profitable.
Judging from some practitioners and investors interviewed by the media, we have found the reason why everyone keeps optimistic attitude:
"The trend is irreversible." One practitioner said.
"The time has not yet come." Another glass dab rigs practitioner said. "Before the real supervision comes, everyone is rushing forward desperately."
"occupy a piece of land first and let go when the policy is released." Investors who work in Huafeng International and have seen several glass dab rigs projects lament, "The profit margin is too large."
One of the analysts wrote, "but please note that glass water pipes for sale is now in a gray area in China and is at the turning point of policy opening, i.e. speculation is hazy now. it is expected that in a short period of time, there will be two major catalysts: one is industry standards, and the other is monopoly policies. With these two expectations, the fever will not easily subside. once these two expectations are fulfilled, glass dab rigs will become a legal business from a gray area. in other words, the proportion of Chinese smokers who smoke glass dab rigs will rise from 0.5% to about 10% and 20 times of the industry space will be officially opened. among them, some enterprises will definitely emerge. this process will be very long, and patience will be rewarded in excess. "
"What is at issue now is the smoke oil of electronic atomized smoke." Someone told reporters. This kind of products use atomizers to atomize nicotine salt and other mixed liquids into steam, which does not belong to tobacco products. It just takes a loophole, and this is also the hot spot of a recent wave of capital start-up. He also revealed that mandatory national standards for tobacco oil and smoking utensils have been submitted by the State Tobacco Monopoly Bureau and are currently under review. The standards are expected to be issued within the year. In the future, only qualified enterprises and products that meet the requirements can be listed.
As for which department lookah seahorse will be under the jurisdiction of in the future, relevant personnel are reluctant to talk more about, "That is a national matter, and relevant departments are also investigating." "The tobacco industry believes that it should be supervised by a department that has no interest in tobacco."
As analysts have said, this process is very long, and patience is rewarded in excess. The same is true for enterprises to brand.