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​Essential Smoking Accessories For The Outdoors

Joint in the woods

Essential Smoking Accessories For The Outdoors 

Joint in the woods

There's nothing better than getting high in nature. April 22nd was Earth Day, and what better way to celebrate the magnificence of this wonderful plant than to have a smoke in nature and contemplate the magical majesty? 

It is great to have a smoke while relaxing at home, but what's better than watching the leaves gently swaying in a summer breeze, the sun reflecting off a bend in the river, or the flames crackling as you chill by a campfire?

Marijuana and the outdoors make a lot of sense, and if that's your vibe, you'll want a smoking kit that's up to the job. 

Below, you'll find a selection of products to suit the lifestyle of outdoor cannabis lovers, including environmentally friendly portable smoking accessories.


Portable Ashtray Bag

Portable Ashtray Bag

Let's start talking about how to keep the planet clean and safe while enjoying our favorite herbs outdoors. There's nothing worse than someone leaving their butt behind - and yes, that includes the joints. Not only is it unsightly, but it can also be a fire hazard.

A portable ashtray bag is a great way to live up to the motto of only leaving footsteps behind. It ensures that your joint residue is neatly tucked away in an odor-proof and easy-to-store bag, ready to be safely emptied the next time you return to civilization.


Smoking Pipes

Smoking Pipes

Choosing a good quality pipe has many benefits. They remove the necessity of rolling a joint, so you don't need to carry papers, tips, or other such paraphernalia.

While glass is the standard choice for use at home, it can be fragile and easily break if knocked about in your back or dropped on the trail. A silicon, metal, or wooden smoking pipe are a common option. Silicon is ideal for use outdoors. It is durable and lightweight, so it makes for an ideal smoking tool when in the great outdoors. 

An ideal choice is a one-hitter

This metal dugout has a mini grinder built-in and makes an ideal way to smoke your herbs while enjoying nature. 

Another benefit of smoking pipes is the ability to find bowls in various designs and styles, including ones with swivel LIDS - perfect for having your cannabis packed and ready to go wherever the fancy takes you. 

This not only makes it convenient and practical but also more Earth-friendly.


Waterproof Stash Box

Waterproof Stash Box

If you are less interested in relaxing by the river or frolicking in the river, it is best to consider ways to store your herb safely while venturing near the water. 

This sealed herb storage container is big enough for your herb, rolling papers, filters, and a lighter. It may not be up to taking down whitewater rapids, but if your adventures take you across some streams, it will keep your buds fresh and dry as you trek through the unknown in search of a private smoking oasis. 


Mini keyring Grinder

When you're on the road, whether you're hiking, spending a day at the beach, or exploring your local park, you don't want to carry around a full don't grinder. All you need is something small and light to get the job done in a pinch, so you can stop and enjoy the view while rolling one up. 

A mini grinder with a keychain attached will also ensure it's never too far away and won't slip out of your pocket while digging for a lighter. If you don't plan on grinding your buds don't you go then it's the perfect accessory.


Cigait'se Roller Tobacco Case

Cigait'se Roller Tobacco Case

For smokers and explorers, the cigarette roller and tobacco case is the perfect companion for your time outdoors. The pack and roll is a quick and convenient way to make cigarettes. This easy-to-use cigarette machine is much easier than trying to find a level surface or carrying a rolling try with you. 

Add tobacco or any other herb, filter, and paper to the roller. Then close the lid, and out comes the perfectly rolled cigarette. Excellent quality and consistency are achieved each time, so you are guaranteed a good smoke. 



For those who love nature, marijuana is another way to feel connected to the world around them. No matter how you decide to enjoy the outdoors, think ahead and plan your trip just as. 

Keep practicality but also the planet in mind, and out of respect for the places you visit, choose environmentally friendly products whenever possible. As the famous saying goes, "Take only memories, leave only footprints."