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China glass water pipes industry report 2020


Abstract: In 2020, the market size of China's glass water pipes industry will maintain a growth trend and is expected to expand further in 2021. At present, the market penetration rate of glass water pipes in our country is relatively low, and nearly 40% of the interviewed users have no habit of using glass water pipes. rich taste choices will be the focus of glass water pipes development. With the tightening of the relevant policies of the State on glass water pipes, the development prospect of the industry is not clear, but there are fewer restrictions on overseas markets, and the export of products is expected to become an enterprise development opportunity.

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Under the background of increasing consumer health awareness and the gradual development of the new tobacco industry, the market scale of China's glass water pipes industry is expanding year by year. In 2019, the size of China's glass water pipes market was 7.86 billion yuan, up 26.6% from 2018. IiMedia Research data show that 40% of the interviewed users have not formed the usage habit of lookah glass dab rigs, and nearly 30% of wax dab pen users are only trying to purchase glass water pipes with lower price, which indicates that the market penetration rate of glass water pipes in China is still low, stable consumer groups have not yet formed, and there is certain room for development in the industry. However, with the introduction of the national online supervision ban, the online sales channels of glass water pipes are blocked. In order to expand the market, businesses have turned to offline distribution and formed diversified offline distribution modes. Due to the unclear trend of relevant national policies and the competitive pressure from state-owned enterprises, the future prospect of China's glass water pipes industry is not clear, but it is expected to be a good development opportunity for enterprises to open up an international market through product export in the future. (The full HD PDF version of 2020 China glass water pipes Industry Market Operation Monitoring Report is 40 pages in total, which can be downloaded by clicking the report download button at the bottom of the article)

  Core view

The size of China's oil rigs market will exceed 9 billion yuan in 2021, but the industry trend is still unclear. Influenced by factors such as tax rate, price increase and the strengthening of state control, the production and sales of cigarettes in our country show a slow downward trend. However, with the increasing awareness of consumers' health, glass water pipes, as a substitute for traditional cigarettes, has a trend of increasing its consumption demand and market size year by year. The market size is expected to reach 9.17 billion yuan in 2021. However, the state's regulatory policies and standards for glass water pipes are not perfect, and we should be cautious about the development prospects of the industry.
Good taste becomes the main selling point and improvement demand point of dab rigs products. In the survey on the main factors to consider when purchasing glass water pipes, 67.6% of the netizens interviewed took the good taste of glass water pipes as an important basis for judgment. In addition, 47.0% of the netizens interviewed expressed the hope that glass water pipes products will provide more flavors in the future and become the most important expectation factor for improvement. As a consumer electronic product replacing cigarettes, glass water pipes' use experience has become the most concerned factor for consumers.
With the closure of online smoke shop, the reshuffle of the glass water pipes industry has accelerated and offline stores will become the main sales channel in the future. With the introduction of the online sales ban, the small glass water pipes brand, which used to rely on traffic and Internet marketing, gradually withdrew from the market under the pressure of cost. The glass water pipes brand, which has certain financial strength, has actively distributed offline through various channels to seize the consumer market.
The following are excerpts from the report:
Glass water pipes definition and main categories
Glass water pipes are different from the traditional cigarette burning and smoking method, and have the characteristics of no need to burn, nicotine supply but basically no tar. According to the classification of smoking methods,water pipes online can be divided into steam-type glass water pipes and heated non-burning glass water pipes, in which steam-type glass water pipes mainly change nicotine into steam for users to smoke by atomization, while heated non-burning glass water pipes volatilize smoke by heating tobacco shreds to meet the needs of smokers.
Countries around the world have different regulatory attitudes towards the glass water pipes industry.