Can you take a Weed Dab Pen on a Plane?


Can you Take a Dab Pen on a plane

Traveling with vaporizers, such as dab pens, can be a source of confusion for many travelers.

They want to have an elevating experience once they reach their destination.

So understand the rules and regulations for air travel with them is crucial.

This article aims to clarify these guidelines and help you travel confidently with your dab pen.

What are dab pens?

Lookah python and seahorse dab pens

Dab pens (aka wax pens) are electronic devices that heat up cannabis concentrates to produce vapor.

The vapor is then inhaled through a mouthpiece, providing a smokeless and discreet way to consume cannabis.

Dab Pens come in different shapes and sizes, depending on the manufacturer, from small pens to larger box mods.

But they will have four similar components: A lithium battery, a heating chamber, an atomizer with heating coil, and a mouthpiece.

Dab Pen Vs. Vape Pen: What's the Difference?

dab pen vs vape pen comparison

Dab pens and vape pens are both devices used for vaping weed and has the roughly same working principle.

However, they differ in the kind of cannabis concentrate that they use.

Vape pens often use dry cannabis flower, or oil, whereas dab pens use thicker substances that are waxier and heavier.

More detailed comparison article between them: Dab Pen vs Vape Pen: What's the Difference?

Can you bring a Dab Pen on a Plane?

Bringing a dab pen on a plane falls under the policy for electronic cigarettes and vaping devices.

Dab pens (Note: only device not including cannabis concentrate) can travel with you on airplanes. They can go in carry-on luggage or in your pockets, But never in checked luggage. That's for any kind of vaping devices that have lithium batteries.

Lithium batteries, parts of dab pens, are capable of overheating. This can cause thermal runaway, which can lead to smoke, a fire, or an explosion, according to the FAA.

You are required to make sure the device's heating element won't accidentally turn on while traveling. This could include removing the battery, placing the device in a protective case, or separating the battery from the heating coil.

Both the battery with the device and any spare batteries cannot exceed 100 Wh if they're lithium-ion or two grams for lithium metal batteries. You also can't charge the device or the batteries while aboard the flight.

Can You Bring THC Dabs (cannabis concentrates) on a Plane?

can you take THC dabs on plane

Dabs seem like a more inconspicuous choice when trying to be discreet about traveling with cannabis. However, this won't matter on an airplane.

Cannabis products of any kind doesn't change the fact that you can't travel via airplane with marijuana.

Live Resin, wax, crumble and shatter are all considered forms of concentrated cannabis, which is regulated under the same laws as flower.

While some states have legalized cannabis, it is still illegal at the federal level, and airports are under federal jurisdiction.

In fact, cannabis concentrates are treated much harsher, as they are highly concentrated.

You can't bring THC concentrates on a flight, no matter if they're store bought or homemade.

If you attempt travel with larger amounts of marijuana, or are not of a legal age to possess it, that is when you may face more serious legal action from local enforcement agencies.

Can You Fly With CBD Dabs or Concentrates?

can you take cbd dabs on plane

You are allowed to bring cannabis products containing no more than 0.3 percent THC on a dry weight basis or those approved by the FDA in your carry-on or checked luggage, according to TSA.

If you pack any CBD Concentrates, keep them in the sealed and clearly labeled packaging until you're past the security checkpoint.

Does TSA Look for Cannabis Products?

Does TSA Look for Cannabis Products

The TSA's goal is to maintain security by preventing dangerous items from getting on planes. The TSA is not tasked with looking for marijuana or other illegal substances.

However, if they come across them during the screening process, they have the decision to report the matter to law enforcement authorities.

The law enforcement officer can determine whether to make an arrest or confiscate anything. Law enforcement policy will also vary from state to state.

Therefore, it is always best to comply with the TSA guidelines to avoid any potential legal issues.

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Can you bring a dab pen on an international flight?

Yes, but it depends on your destination. While dab pens (same as vape pens) are legal in most countries, there are still countries (for example, Mexico, Indonesia, Qatar) where they are illegal.

Always check your destination's laws on dab pens and vaping supplies before your flight.

FIve Tips for Avoiding Trouble of Taking a Dab Pen on a Plane

FIve Tips for Avoiding Trouble of Taking a Dab Pen on a Plane

We have five tips to take your dab pen through airport security, onto the plane, and on to your destination! 

1. Clean the dab pen

To avoid any trouble with airport security, it is recommended to clean your dab pen before traveling. This will help remove any residue and odor from the device, making it less likely to be detected by security.

2. Don't Use when Fly

It is also important to keep your dab pen out of sight and out of reach during your flight.

Do not use your dab pen on the plane or in the airport, as this can lead to legal consequences.

3. Check out the airline's respective policies

Since there may be minor variations in how TSA vape rules are applied by different airlines even in the U.S., it's best to check the specific airline rules before you fly.

4. Stay informed

Before traveling, visit the official website of your destination's airport or country to understand their vaping regulations.

5. Answer inquiries actively

In addition, be respectful and courteous to airport security and airline staff. If you are asked any questions about your dab pen or cannabis products, answer truthfully and calmly.

Being cooperative can help prevent any unnecessary complications during your travels.


Traveling with your dab pen can be smooth and straightforward.

The key is knowing the guidelines at home and any special regulations abroad.

Do your homework beforehand, pack smartly, and handle your gear with care.

Following TSA's battery rules, discreetly transporting your devices, and avoiding use until landed will lead to happy and hassle-free travels.

Safe travels and happy dabbing!