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​Best bong water alternative to infuse your bud with flavor



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Smoking from a bong is a blast for cannabis lovers! Want to liven up your bong sessions? Try adding a twist of flavor to your bong water. Juice for a fruity kick, tea for a mellow touch, or soda water for a bubbly blast.

But don't go overboard - milk dulls the potency, and high-alcohol drinks are a no-no. Here's a fun list of flavor enhancers to give your bong hits a zing!

Ice water

Ice water

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When you're ready to indulge in your next smoking experience, consider infusing your smoking experience with the refreshing and cooling sensation of ice water. 

Let me tell you about the benefits of adding ice water.

1. Ice as a coolant

Adding ice to the water chamber acts as a natural coolant, cooling the smoke as it passes through the filtration system for a more pleasant inhalation experience.

2. Retaining Cannabis Flavors

The cooling effect helps retain the subtle flavors and aromas of cannabis, resulting in a smoother smoke while enriching the flavors and aromas.

3. Enhances the sensory experience

The use of ice water enhances the overall sensory experience, as the chill of the water accentuates the flavor of the cannabis, allowing the connoisseur to better appreciate the subtleties of the selected strain.

4. Uniqueness

For users who pride themselves on recognizing the uniqueness of cannabis, iced water helps to bring out the best in each smoke and enhances appreciation for the art of cannabis consumption.

5. Enhance the smoking experience

Incorporating ice water into the smoking ritual not only makes the experience smoother and more refreshing but also opens up a world of better flavors and elevates the smoking experience to new heights.

Sparkling water

Sparkling water (don't confuse this with soda) like Perrier or LaCroix is a favorite alternative for regular bong water. 

You can add extra zing by choosing from various sparkling fruit-flavored water like San Pellegrino or Schweppes. With lemon, lime, pomelo, and other flavors, there's plenty to experiment with. 

The flavors are more subtle than you'll get with fruit juice, but these delicate undertones of taste coupled with the carbonation in the water will completely alter the texture and taste of your hits.  

sparkling water

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Another trendy alternative to regular bong water is to add tea to your bong. 

Just like ice water, freshly brewed black, green, or herbal teas can give your smoke a rich yet subtle flavor enhancement. 

A good thing about tea is that there are many kinds of tea, so you can always try out a new flavor. Don't brew the tea in your bong. It would be best if you brewed it in a teapot or use a carafe. 

Adding some freshly brewed hot tea to your bong pipe can make for nice warming hits in the winter. Be careful when pouring hot tea into a glass bong. Cheap water pipes made of low-quality glass may crack due to thermal expansion. 

Avoid hot liquids in low-quality acrylic bongs due to the risk of toxic fumes or distortion. Instead, opt for iced tea for a cool, smooth hit: brew and chill the tea, then use it in your bong with added ice or as tea ice cubes.

fruit tea

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Gatorade and similar sports drinks make a good water substitute to add to your bong. 

Gatorade will give your smoke a pleasant, subtle aroma, most noticeable when you exhale.

The only downside to Gatorade and sports drinks is the high amount of sugar. Therefore, after smoking with Gatorade, be sure to rinse the bong with warm water.

Otherwise, the sugar will make the bong sticky, and if you don't clean it regularly in the future, this can grow mold or other bacteria that is bad for your health as well as that of the bong.

gatorade in a bong

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Infused water

Some people like to keep to plain water but choose to enhance it with some natural flavors. From mint leaves and ginger to orange and lemon peels, or refreshing fruits such as kiwi, lime, or blueberry, anything can add some zip to the flavor.

Whichever ingredient you choose, we recommend adding it to a pot of cold water and leaving it to infuse in the fridge for at least a few hours.

Alternatively, you can boil the extra ingredients in the water for 5-10 minutes and then let it cool completely, this helps the water absorb more flavor and aroma.

Filter the particulars out of the infused water before adding the water to your bong. This way, you won't clog up the percs with bits of fruit pulp or leaves. 

As we mentioned before, some ice can add a smoothing dimension to the smoke, but some people choose to go with hot-infused water. Why not try both out and let us know which one you like the best?

infused water

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Fruit juice

You can add a variety of flavors to your bong smoke by using fruit juice instead of water in your bong.

Try orange, apple, grapefruit juice, or anything that sounds good to you. You're sure to find a favorite with a little experimenting. 

The best juice is fresh juice that has no artificial ingredients or additives.

You may also need to add lots of ice cubes to the juice for the best experience and smooth smoke.

On a hot summer day, what could be better than ripping some dank weed from a bong with cold, fruity, fresh juice?

Remember that fruit juices are high in natural sugar content, so clean your water pipe well after to avoid it getting sticky or growing mold.

fruite juice

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Cranberry juice

Okay, we've already mentioned juice above, but cranberry juice is worth its own mention. Cranberry juice is unique because it confers a sour and slightly bitter taste to the smoke, which is very satisfying. 

Plus, pure 100% cranberry juice has way less sugar than other juices, so it won't mess up your pipe so quickly. 

Some people also say cranberry juice is better because it contains vitamin C. For the best flavor experience with cranberry juice, we recommend using freshly squeezed cranberry juice without additives.

According to most online sources, cranberry juice's higher acidity helps keep glassware clean longer, which is good news for those struggling to find the motivation to clean their bong regularly.

cranberry juice

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Putting high-alcohol drinks (such as vodka, gin, or rum) into a bong is usually a bad idea for several reasons. 

Inhaling alcohol fumes from high-strength liquor can cause serious health problems, and mixing fire and alcohol can turn your bong experience into a potentially dangerous situation.

However, due to its lower alcohol content, wine poses much less risk than vodka.

If you want to use wine instead of plain water, try a medium-sweet red wine like a Malbec. Alternatively, you may want to try a sparkling Lambrusco. Those extra bubbles will change up the texture of the smoke.


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Final thoughts on bong water alternatives

When it comes to selecting bong water alternatives, you have a variety of choices that can enhance your smoking experience. Let's explore these options and the considerations involved in a logical and structured manner: 

1. Alternatives to Plain Water

Beyond the traditional use of water, alternatives such as ice, infusions of juice or wine, can offer a novel and enjoyable experience. These alternatives can bring a refreshing twist to your smoking routine.

2. Complementing Terpenes

Cannabis contains various terpenes that influence its aroma and flavor. For instance, limonene provides a citrusy scent, while myrcene might offer a hint of mango or thyme. 

When choosing an alternative liquid for your bong, consider the terpene profile of your weed strain. Aim to select a juice or infusion that complements and enhances these natural flavors.

3. Avoiding High-Fat Liquids

THC, the psychoactive compound in cannabis, is soluble in fats. Therefore, using milk or other fatty liquids in your bong can reduce the potency of your weed, as some of the THC may dissolve into these substances. 

4. Alcohol Content

While THC is soluble in alcohol, using alcoholic beverages as a bong water alternative is generally discouraged. High-proof alcohol can be particularly harsh and may not provide the desired effect.

Safety with Hot Water

Be cautious when using hot water in your bong. The risks include the potential for burns and the release of harmful chemicals from plastic bongs due to heat. 

In the case of cheaper glass bongs, hot water can cause thermal expansion, which might lead to cracking.


After reading the above guide, you will be interested in the Best bong water alternative to infuse your bud with flavor, so let's go and taste the different flavors!

Remember that if you are not using regular water, you will need to be extra careful when cleaning the bong after use. 

For some useful tips on how to clean your bong thoroughly, check out our article "How to Clean a Glass Bong" where you'll learn everything you need to know to keep your water pipe sparkling clean!