How To Grind Weed Without A Weed Grinder?


How to Grind Weed without a Grinder

Whether you prefer to smoke weed in a joint, bong, hand pipe or even Vaporizer, grinding your weed is a key preparation before that.

Weed just burns better and smokes smoother when you grind it first.

The best way to grind weed is with a grinder designed specifically for herbal applications.

This tool gives you a uniform grind so that the small pieces of herb are all more or less the same size, further enhancing the efficiency of your smoking experience.

However, when caught without the grinder on hand, what should a cannabis enthusiast to do? Don't worry! When there’s a will, there’s a way.

In this article, we will explore 8 unique alternative methods to grind weed without a weed grinder, using everyday items you can find around your house.

Why it's important to have your Weed Grinded?

Breaking up or grinding cannabis flower is essential for an improved airflow and a pleasant smoking experience. It helps maximizing the benefits and enjoyment of your cannabis.

Better Combustion: Grinding weed helps to break up the bigger buds into smaller particles that are burns more evenly. This means that you can expect a fairly consistent experience during your use.

Improved Airflow: Ground cannabis improves airflow by increasing the exposed surface area, allowing air to pass more freely through the finely ground particles.

Enhanced Flavour: Grinding helps to release more of the cannabinoids, volatile oils, kief, and terpenes that are responsible for the effects and flavor profile.

Better to roll: Lastly, grinding up your weed makes it much easier to pack into a pipe or rolling paper.

but if you don’t grind before smoking it, your joints, and pipes may not burn evenly, your bowl may get clogged, and you won’t get the full benefit of all the trichomes.

How to Grind Weed without a Grinder? 8 Best Alternative Ways

Learn 8 different ways to grind weed without a grinder. Each of these methods should also be easily accessible to the average person.

1. Shot Glass & Scissors

use Shot Glass and Scissor to grind weed

One of the simplest and most effective methods for grinding marijuana herbs without a grinder is by using a pair of scissors and a shot glass.

This method is perfect for small amounts of cannabis and can provide a fine grind suitable for rolling joints or packing bowls.

Put your bud into a shot glass and start cutting it up in there until you reach your desired consistency.

Make sure to hold the scissors perpendicular to the bottom of the shot glass and chop the weed in a chopping motion.

A shot glass gives you the perfect range of motion, but if you don’t have one, you can also use a small cup or something like it.

2. Cutting Board & Knife

use cutting Board and Knife to grind weed

Gently chop the weed on the board, similar to mincing herbs. While this method may require more manual labor, patience and care, it allows for a fairly consistent grind.

Hold the knife at a slight angle and use the blade to chop the weed in a back-and-forth motion. Make sure to apply enough pressure to the knife to cut the weed, but not so much that you damage the blade or the cutting board.

It's important to use a sharp knife to avoid crushing the trichomes, ensuring the potency remains intact. You should ideally use a non-serrated blade, like a chef’s knife or a butcher knife.

The bigger the cutting board the better as it will help prevent wayward pieces of herb from getting away.

3. Mortar & Pestle

use Mortar and Pestle to grind weed

A more hands-on, traditional approach, using a mortar and pestle gives you full control over the grind’s texture.

A pestle and mortar are made of a heavy bowl (the mortar) and a club-shaped tool (the pestle). These two items together are used for grinding and crushing substances.

A mortar and pestle increases the surface area compared to other methods for grinding, which makes the job quick and efficient. The setup is simple, but the process takes some wrist and shoulder strength.

Step 1: Break your buds into smaller pieces. Place the plant material into the mortar or bowl.

Step 2: Use the pestle to grind the herb by applying a twisting and pressing motion until the desired consistency is achieved.

4. Pill Bottle & Coins

Use Pill Bottle and Coins to grind weed

When you are on the go and do not have any tools with you, don't fret. With a small pill bottle and a couple of heavy coins, you can make a quick shaker.

Put a couple of buds into the prescription bottle or a similar container, drop in some coins (nickels or quarters are best), fasten the top and start shaking.

Coins can be downright filthy, so give it a good disinfect or scrub first to remove any germs.

Make sure not to pack too much buds in bottle, you want some extra space.

Check your progress every 20 seconds or so: you’re looking for smaller pieces, but not dust.

5. Coffee Grinder

Use Coffee Grinder to grind weed

Coffee grinders can easily chop up your flower just like it is a coffee bean!

This method is ideal for larger amounts of weed and produces a consistent grind suitable for joints, pipes, bowls, or even making edibles.

Separate the bud with your fingers and place it in the grinding chamber.Make sure not to overfill it to allow for proper grinding.

Pulse the coffee grinder for a few seconds at a time, checking the consistency after each pulse.

If your coffee grinder has varied coarseness settings, you can start small with just a bit of flower to discover your optimum consistency.

To prevent cross-contamination and maintain functionality, it is important to clean the grinder thoroughly before and after grinding cannabis. However, This may add an extra task for the user.

6. Cheese Grater

Use Cheese Grater to grind weed

It is one of the easiest ways to grind weed without a grinder and doesn't even demand electricity or any complicated functions to do the job.

Most of the graters have different sized cutting-edge; choose the one that would fit your preferred consistency the best.

Make sure your grater is clean, place a plate or container below it to catch the grated cannabis, and start grating.

Keep an eye on your fingers to ensure they are safe from the sharp blade. Plus, Check for any remaining buds adhering to the grater’s teeth.

The downside of this method is that a lot of trichomes will kinda just fly loosely, and you won’t be able to collect them.

Step 1: Place your marijuana buds on the surface of the cheese grater.

Step 2: Using medium pressure, move the buds back and forth against the grater until they are broken down into smaller pieces.

Step 3: Continue grinding until you have achieved your desired consistency.

7. Blender

use blender to grind weed

For larger amounts of bud, a blender can be your best friend.

However, Blenders are usually more high-powered than a grinder and might turn your weed into powder.

We recommend pulse rather than blend continuously to avoid that.

Keep an eye on the consistency, manage the intervals and the pulse settings.

Step 1: Break your buds off the stem first before putting them in the blender.

Step 2: Turn the blender on a low setting and watch it very carefully.

8. Using Your Hands

use your hands to grind weed

If you really have nothing else to use, the tried and true method of picking your bud apart by hand will never fail you.

It is better to have a rolling tray or flat surface that can catch your weed and allow you to use both hands to pull apart the nug and separate stems and seeds.

But if you're in a pinch and don't have a flat, smooth surface handy, you can use the palm of your hand.

First, ensure your hands are clean and dry to prevent injuring the buds or leaving any residue. Then take a small number of buds and break them down into smaller pieces between your fingers.

Use your thumb and fingers to rub or squeeze and twist the buds together. It is essential to be gentle and avoid bruising the buds.

We don't recommend Using your hands to grind or break up your weed. Doing so can cause those valuable trichomes found on your weed to stick to your fingers.

The 7 Tips for Grinding Without a Grinder

seven Tips for Grinding Weed

Grinding weed Without a Grinder can be a messy process, so it's important to take proper precautions when doing so.

Here are some tips to keep in mind:

1. Clean the Tools First

Ensure that whatever tool you use is clean and dry to avoid contaminating your weed.

Additionally, Ensure that your work area is clean and tidy. This will help to prevent any of the ground marijuana from getting onto your work surfaces, device or clothing.

2. Use high-quality cannabis

It is important to use cannabis that is free of mold and contaminants, as these can be potentially dangerous.

Ensure that your marijuana has been properly inspected before use, and look out for any signs of discoloration or damage.

3. Remove stems before grinding

It’s generally recommended to remove the larger stems before grinding, as they can be difficult to grind and can result in a less pleasant smoking or vaping experience.

However, smaller stems and pieces of the plant can be ground along with the buds if desired.

4. Avoid over-grinding

Over-grinding can make the weed too fine for some consumption methods and can lead to loss of potency.

For example, a very powdery consistency can make it difficult to roll joints and create an unpleasant smoking experience.

5. Take Safety Very Seriously

Safety is paramount when grinding cannabis without a dedicated grinder, especially when using methods involving sharp objects such as kitchen knives or scissors.

If uncomfortable with sharp tools, it's prudent to avoid these methods and stick to using your fingers. Some people prefer to pre-grind their cannabis to avoid using sharp objects while under the influence, but proper storage is crucial to maintain freshness.

6. Clean all your equipment after use

This will help keep your work area and device tidy and free of any ground marijuana or debris. It's also important to wash your hands thoroughly after handling cannabis.

7. Store Cannabis

After you grind weed with these tools, store them in an airtight jar to maintain their quality and freshness.

Overall, By following these precautionary measures, you can be sure that your grinding experience will be an enjoyable and safe one!

Is it Better to Grind Weed Coarse or Fine?

rolling a joint with medium coarse weed

The ideal grind consistency depends on your consumption method.

For Joints and BluntsA medium-coarse grind is generally better as it allows for even airflow and burns consistently.

For Dry Herb Vaporizers: A finer grind is often preferred as it increases the surface area, allowing for better vapor production.

For Bongs and Hand PipesA medium grind works best, balancing airflow and preventing smaller pieces from passing through the bowl.


To get your weed to a fine, workable consistency, grinding is necessary.

Not having a grinder will never stop a stoner from smoking. There are many alternatives and any clever mind will find a solution to the problem easily.

Whether you have access to kitchen appliances, household items, or just your fingers, there's a method mentioned above that will suit your needs.

By embracing these alternatives, you can still fully enjoy the potential of your weed for a satisfying experience.

However, it's always worth considering investing in a grinder for a consistent and hassle-free grinding experience.

Happy grinding!