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Are Dab Pens Safe or Bad for You?


are dab pens safe or bad for you

A dab pen is an electronic device that release vaporized cannabis concentrates. It has provided alternative means for smoking cannabis.

Dab pens are small, portable, discreet, and convenient for on-the-go use. This has made them increasingly common and popular in recent years.

But with more and more people using dab pens, this brings into question whether dab pens can produce dangerous side effects.

Are dab pens safe or bad for you? Will hitting dab pens result in health problems? Are there risks involved in smoking dab pens?

In this article, we will discuss the different dangers and health risks associated with using dab pens and why these can be bad for you.

What is Dabbing?

Dabbing refers to the inhalation of concentrated cannabis oils, waxes, and extracts through a variety of methods, including dab rigs (a type of water pipe), vaporizersnectar collectors, and dab pens.

What are Dab Pens?

what are dab pens

Dab pens, also known as wax pens, are designed to vaporize highly concentrated cannabis products.

Typically, they comprise four essential components: a lithium battery, a mouthpiece, a chamber designed to hold the marijuana concentrate, and an Atomizer with heating coils.

These pens work the same as a dry herb or oil vape pen, but due to the high concentration of cannabis in these devices, they are known for delivering potent vapor to the user.

Some marijuana dabbing devices look like USB flash drives, pens, or other innocuous daily items, making it easy to conceal their use.

What are Dabs?

what are dabs

Dabs are produced by a chemical process that extracts the oils from cannabis. They come in many forms, including Wax, Shatter, Budder, Crumble, Live Resin, etc.

Butane or other solvent is poured over marijuana, which makes its THC dissolve into butane. This results in a sticky, wax-like substance.

It is thought that these cannabis concentrates, or dabs, contain up to 60% to 90% THC, which in comparison to normal weed is around eight times the strength. A joint with regular marijuana flowers will typically contain somewhere between 5% to 25% THC.

THC stands for Tetrahydrocannabinol which is the main chemical ingredient found in cannabis. It is the chemical responsible for the ‘high’ sensation many people feel after consuming the drug.

Cannabis concentrates and extracts used to be niche, but they have become more common in recent years.

Are Dab Pens bad for you?

are dab pens bad for you

Dabbing or dabs are very safe and its been shown that thier use doesn’t lead to severe complications or issues of the lung variety later.

Combusting, or burning cannabis flower creates many toxins and carcinogens that disturb the respiratory system.

Vaporization, on the other hand, is the process in which cannabis concentrates are heated to a temperature that releases phytocannabinoids and terpenes to create an inhalable vapor, but does not induce combustion or burning.

Vaporizing has been proven for years to be a much healthier alternative to smoking, and often produces near instantaneous effects.

Are Dab Pens Safe? The Dangers and Health Risks of Using them

dangers and health risks of using dab pens

While dab pens and dabbing concentrates are generally seen as “better” alternatives to smoking cannabis, there are still some Dangers and health risks associated with Using them. This is associated with THC Addiction, lower perceived risks, higher cannabis use and more.

1. THC Addiction Potential

Because of the higher levels of THC, both short and long-term use of dabs can considerably increase the chances of developing an addiction.

As dab pens are meant to be portable and barely noticeable, this can lead to young adults becoming addicted to using them often.

As the individual plunges deeper into dab pen usage, they may find themselves unable to experience feelings of joy, engage in recreational activities, or simply unwind without using the drug.

2. Increased Tolerance

The high THC concentration can lead to a rapid increase in tolerance, requiring more to achieve the same effects, causing users to hit the dab pen more frequently.

3. Dependence

Individuals dealing with marijuana addiction have a consistent need for the euphoric effects of THC, leading them to seek it out and consume it regularly, often continuously throughout each day.

Dabs are typically more potency when dabbing rather than smoking regular weed, making the dependency stronger, quitting even more challenging, and potentially trigger a relapse for those in recovery.

4. Battery Safety

As you now know, dab pens are powered by a battery to heat and vaporize the cannabis concentrates.

However, there have been increasing reports of dab pens exploding or causing burn injuries to users due to battery failure.

5. Harmful Chemicals

Since these cannabis concentrates are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), there is no way to be sure what is within the product.

Many may contain contaminants such as pesticides, heavy metals, or chemical additives that can cause additional negative health effects.

For example, Most cannabis concentrates are manufactured with butane, molecules of the solvent can remain in the wax.

When smoked, these molecules will move into the lungs, causing harm.

Some people who misuse marijuana wax have been found with lung conditions similar to “black lung.”

Additionally, High temperatures used in vaporizing can produce carcinogens like benzene and other toxic substances.

6. Adverse Reactions

While cannabis can induce psychedelic experiences that may have a negative impact on mood, marijuana wax intensifies these experiences due to the higher concentration of THC in the product.

Side effects often associated with smoking wax include: Increased anxiety, Changes in sensory perception, Poor memory, Paranoia or panic attacks, Hallucinations, Temporary psychotic breaks, Increased heart rate, Increased blood pressure, etc.

7. Respiratory Damage

While not as severe as smoking, dabbing can still cause damage to the respiratory system.

Lung damage, coughing, lung disease, and throat irritation are common symptoms that follow dab pen use.

8. Unknown Long-Term Effects

Dabbing is a relatively new phenomenon, with it gaining the most popularity in the last few years.

Because of this, the long-term health effects have not been thoroughly researched, leading to the risk of unknown health problems and diseases.

Five Tips to Help Avoid the Risks and Dangers of Using dab pens

Tips to avoid risks of using dab pens

As with any activity, Dabbing should be approached with a degree of caution and responsibility to minimize health risks.

The key lies in understanding the intricacies of dabbing, including the materials used in dab pens and the quality of the cannabis concentrates used.

1. Build Quality of Atomizer

The material choice of atomizer in a dab pen’s construction can significantly impact the safety and quality of your dabbing experience.

Heating elements and air paths made of ceramic, titanium, or quartz are generally considered the best due to their heat resistance and inert properties, reducing the chance of off-gassing harmful toxins into the vapor.

Avoid dab pens with cheap metal heating parts, which are more likely to leak harmful particles.

2. Temperature Control

Look for dab pens that allow you to adjust the temperature to prevent burning of cannabinoids and the production of harsh, potentially harmful smoke.

This feature will enable you to customize your dabbing experience based on your preferences and the specific type of cannabis concentrates you are using.

3. Brand

Established, reputable brands that have garnered positive reviews are likely to prioritize the safety and well-being of their customers.

These companies are more inclined to invest in higher quality materials and more advanced technology, resulting in safer and more reliable dab pens.

4. Quality of Dabs

Apart from the dab pen itself, be cautious about the source and quality of your cannabis concentrates.

Purchasing from regulated, trustworthy sources helps ensure you’re getting a safe product that’s free from harmful additives or contaminants.

5. Dabbing Habits

It’s recommended to start with small doses, particularly if you’re new to dabbing or trying a new type of cannabis concentrate.

Listen to your body, take regular breaks, and never dab to the point of discomfort.

Why is dabbing bad for teens?

why is dabbing bad for teens

There are plenty of reasons why dabbing is bad for teens. One of the primary reasons is due to the rate at which an adolescent’s brain develops.

During childhood and teen years, a person’s brain grows in regions that affect memory, learning, processing, coordination, decision making and so forth.

Cannabis products, including dabs, create direct negative effects on the brain, causing delays in these areas.

Consuming marijuana also impairs judgment and reactions, much like alcohol. Smoking marijuana can lead to accidents, especially motor vehicle accidents.

Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death among teens, and abusing substances like marijuana can lead to intoxicated and dangerous driving.


Dab pens have become increasingly popular because of their convenience and sleek format.

There is no smoke, no distinct smell, no ash, and no rolling papers involved — just vapor and a light scent.

However, Using Dab pens can be more dangerous than smoking traditional marijuana flower, as dabs consuming have higher concentrate of THC.

Dab pens in general are safe, but not for everyone for sure. Abusing them can be bad for you as it could result in different negative consequences that affect your health.

Dabs can be fairly intense for an inexperienced user. They should be used with caution, just like any other substance.