Are Cannabis Products Effective Aphrodisiacs?


Are Cannabis products effective aphrodisiacs?

 Are Cannabis products effective aphrodisiacs

When looking for aphrodisiacs, most people reach for oysters or wine; however, food isn't the only way to add some spice to your sex life. 

Many cannabis users have found that it can be an incredible aphrodisiac.

It isn't anything new; marijuana has a long history of being used as an aphrodisiac. It's becoming more common again now as marijuana gets legalized around the United States.

The plant has documented aphrodisiac qualities and helps improve your lovemaking because it gives you more self-confidence while encouraging intimacy between people. 

While lowering our inhibitions, alcohol usually tends to dull the senses, whereas weed can have the opposite effect, heightening sensations and increasing pleasure.

A study on marijuana's effect on women's libido found that cannabis consumption before sexual intercourse was associated with increased orgasm intensity, lubrication, overall sexual experience, and reduction of dyspareunia. 

So basically, pot can make you horny and will reduce anxiety related to sexual performance fears. It's nature's viagra without any of the risks associates with pharmaceuticals such as viagra.

Maybe it's time to surrender those inhibitions and rediscover your own body or a partner's. If so, continue reading this complete cannabis aphrodisiac guide and learn everything you ever wanted to know about the aphrodisiac effects of marijuana.


Can marijuana be used as a sex aid?


Anecdotal patient experiences, historical texts, and scientific data concur that cannabis can be a potent aphrodisiac and increase sexual pleasure. However, cannabis isn't some magic bullet. Like any chemical substance, it will work differently for each individual, and there can be side effects, so it is not suitable for everyone. 

 cannabis in bed

How do people use marijuana as an aphrodisiac?

Historically people took cannabis in a beverage form. Today, however, people are using many different kinds of methods for taking cannabis. 

Smoking is still the most popular but vaping and eating cannabis are all common ways to get the aphrodisiac effects. There are even cannabis lubricants on the market.


Why do people use marijuana as an aphrodisiac?

Why do people use marijuana as an aphrodisiac

Some report marijuana increases their sexual appetite, leading to more sex. While others report, cannabis relaxes them, which helps take them out of their head, so they get lost in the moment. 

Many report the reason as being increased sensations after taking cannabis before sex. This can make sex more enjoyable and promotes a closer bond between sexual partners. 

In some instances, patients who may otherwise suffer from chronic pain, insomnia, anxiety, or depression report that cannabis relieves these underlying conditions that would otherwise make sex unappealing or painful. 


Are there potential side effects to using marijuana?


Like any substance, people can have a range of different reactions. 

Too much cannabis or high THC strain cannabis may actually create negative effects like dry mouth, increased heart rate, anxiety, difficulty concentrating or dizziness, and nausea.  

Cannabis can also be habit-forming, and people using it need a trial and error approach to work out what works best for them, with regards to dose, strain and what method to take it. 

Overuse of cannabis can lead to a decrease in sexual arousal and reduce sperm count in men. 


What's the science show about the use of marijuana as an aphrodisiac?

science show about the use of marijuana as an aphrodisiac

The cannabinoids in cannabis interact with the endocannabinoid system in the body. The endocannabinoid system regulates things like pleasure, pain, relaxation, and homeostasis. Using cannabis can activate this system, pushing it into a higher gear which can leave users feeling more relaxed, decrease pain, and increases sensations. It is this that leads to an increase in arousal that can intensify sexual experiences. 

Not everyone who takes cannabis will experience the same effects. A 2016 study shows cannabis uses, on average, have more sex. However, another study showed that of those who take cannabis, only around 50% experienced this increased arousal, but 70% of those who took cannabis before sex reported an increase in pleasure. Overall, researchers have found that moderation is best. A small amount of cannabis can increase arousal, while larger doses are likely to have the opposite effect. 


What types of marijuana products do people use for arousal?

 types of marijuana products do people use for arousal

Edibles, vapes, dry herbs, and even cannabis-infused lubes are all easily available these days. More experienced cannabis users may be comfortable with smoking or vaping, whereas newer users may find oils and lubes are less daunting. With edibles, you need to keep in mind that it can take longer to feel the effects, so for those, you may want to plan ahead a little more. 

Sativa-based strains that provide an uplifting effect with a relaxing euphoria can help people relax, lower their inhibitions while increasing arousal to improve the intimacy and connection of sexual experiences. 

Hight CBD levels in cannabis products tend to reduce anxiety without the disorienting effects that THC can bring. 


When should marijuana not use as an aphrodisiac?

Cannabis use as an aphrodisiac may not be suitable for some people with certain mental health. Those trying to get pregnant or women who are already pregnant should also avoid cannabis. Additionally, minors should also avoid using cannabis as an aphrodisiac. 

It is not recommended to take cannabis with alcohol or other drugs as it can increase the likelihood of nausea, vomiting, and dizziness. Its always advisable to seek medical advice from your family doctor before taking cannabis, especially if you are currently on other medications. 

Some workplaces may screen for cannabis use through urine tests, so you should check your workplace employment rules and rights as markers for cannabis can remain in the system for up to six weeks. 

Historical use of cannabis as an aphrodisiac? 

Many cultures document the use of cannabis as an aphrodisiac dating back hundreds of years. In India, it was used as far back as the 7th century AD Cannabis appears in ancient Chinese texts as a sexual health aid, and it was used amongst Germanic tribes and by many African cultures. In Uganda, Egypt, Morocco, and Lebanon, cannabis was often mixed into a beverage and taken as an aphrodisiac.