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How To Grind Weed Without A Grinder

How to grind weed without a grinder

15 Ways for Grinding Cannabis Without a Grinder

 Grinding Cannabis

In this article, we will look at how to grind weed without a grinder. The grinder is a key marijuana smoking accessory. They efficiently grind your herbs to a consistent size, which helps you get better smoke. Don't have a grinder with you? Don't worry; with these 15 tips, you can still process your herb at home or on the go. You could make some potent extracts if you don't want to grind your herb. 

We've all been there. You're ready to roll up, you take out your stash and your papers (or bong, or whatever), but something is missing; you forgot the herb grinder

No need to panic. Whether you're relaxing at home, chilling outdoors, or hanging out at a party, you'll be surprised at the number of options for grinding your herb. In most cases, you only need a few tools.

Maybe you just want to relax after a long day. Perhaps you are at a party and need to move fast so everyone can smoke. Whatever your situation, we've come up with ways to get you out of those awkward moments.

How to Grind Weed Without a Weed Grinder

At home

Maybe you want to pregame and smoke a little before meeting up with your friends. 

Thankfully, when you're in a well-stocked house, you have plenty of options for grinding weed when you can't find your herb grinder.

Coffee Grinder 

Coffee Grinder  grinds marijuana

Given that the word "grinder" is in the name, there is no surprise that this appears on the list. 

Just like you would do with coffee beans, throw your buds in and grind them! 

Well, not so fast. You ought to clean the thing out first unless you also want to smoke some coffee grinds (which we don't recommend). 

Unless you want some "special" coffee the next day, you should also clean it afterward.


Clean the grinder before and after grinding your bud. 

Be sure to pack the buds loosely and not overwhelm the grinder. 

Do not use shoots that are too large (or too small). 

Adjust the grinding time and set the grinder to coarse (if applicable) to ensure that your herbs don't turn into a fine powder.


Pepper Mill

Pepper Mill grinds marijuana

Black pepper and cannabis have several things in common. They both contain cannabinoids, and they will both grind down perfectly in a pepper mill. 

If you don't have a weed grinder go to the kitchen, empty your pepper mill (save the corn for later), and fill it with buds. 


Be sure to clean the inside of the grinder after you empty the peppercorns. This way, you can avoid the pungent, spicy taste when smoking. 

Be sure to use only properly dried weeds when using a pepper grinder. Slightly damp hemp can easily clog the grinding mechanism. 

Clean it well after, and make sure you clean out all the wayward resin.

Make sure the pepper mill is set to a coarse grind. 

Pestle and Mortar

Pestle and Mortar grinds marijuana

If you don't have a pepper mill or a coffee grinder, you can still try the old-school method. 

Pick up your pestle and mortar, and with a bit of elbow grease, you will soon have some well-ground herb. However, like a grinder, you need to clean it up before and after you use it for this purpose. 


Allow your nugs to dry outside the container for a few hours. This will make it easier to break them down. 

Clean thoroughly before and after use. This way, you can avoid smoking regular herbs or eating "happy herbs" at dinner. 

This may take some time, especially if the pestle is smooth and rounded. 


Pizza Slicers

The pizza cutters aren't the sharpest tool, but sometimes you have to work with what you've got. If you don't have a grinder or a sharp blade, a pizza cutter will suffice! After you've sliced up your herb for a nice smoke, you may want to cut up some pizzas to satisfy the munchies. 


Use a chopping board to prevent damage to tables and countertops. 

Hold one end of each bud, then begin to cut the other end into small pieces. 

Once you have obtained the coarse grinds, sweep them into a mound in the middle of the board. 

Then run the cutter through the pile to produce a consistent result.


A Knife and Chopping Board

A Knife and Chopping Board grinds marijuana

There's no reason you can't treat your favorite herbs like regular greens. This is probably the easiest method for breaking up your nuggets. 

Put your weed onto a cutting board and dice it until you have a good coarse grind, but don't overdo it, or you'll end up with a powdery consistency. 

Ideally, you should use a flat chef's knife and avoid serrated blades. However, as long as the blade is reasonably sharp, almost any knife will do. 


While not necessary, allowing your pieces to dry out slightly will make this task easier. 

Make sure to pay attention to your fingers.

As with other methods, overkill can occur, so don't get carried away. 

Just like you would after cutting anything else, clean your board and knife after.


Cheese Grater

Cheese Grater grinds marijuana

If you have a cheese grater lying around, this is an easy and fun way to get your herb ground up. Get a bowl to grate over. This may take a while, but it will do the job reasonably well. 


Watch your fingers! You don't want to end up grating them when the buds wear down. 

Either side should work. However, the side with the smaller openings tends to work better to get the desired consistency. 

You may have difficulty cleaning the grater later. have a small poker or toothpick or similar to dislodge all the stuck parts.  

Wash the grater thoroughly to ensure odor and residue are removed.


A Paper Bag and a Hammer

This is a straightforward yet highly effective method. 

The paper bag makes for an ideal non-stick surface, and the force of the hammer strikes breaks the buds up into small pieces.  

If you don't have a hammer and paper bag, you can wrap the weed in a baking sheet and smash it with a rolling pin to get the same results. 


Make sure your weed is cured correctly and dry before performing this procedure. Wet herbs will not break under the hammer at all. 

Use a firm surface that can withstand a hammer blow. A solid countertop, work surface, or concrete surface outside will suffice. 

Place your herb in the bottom of the bag and scrunch the top closed. A few minutes with a hammer, and you're good to go. 

After removing the flowers, tear open the paper bag and scrape off the resin pressed against the paper to make sure no THC is wasted. 


On the Road

What if you're not at home and don't have access to any of the above supplies? 

Maybe you're with friends, and one of them mentions that they want to smoke. You don't want to let them down, but you still don't have a grinder! What can you do? Well, you have a few options.


DIY Herb Shaker

Do you have any loose change? How about a small hard plastic container like a pharmacy or medicine bottle? Congratulations, you have a grinder! Drop a few heavier coins into the container with some nugs of your choice weed (not too many, not too few). Close the container tightly and shake! Check your progress every 20 seconds or so to ensure the desired consistency. 


If you're in the United States, quarters work best. For Europeans, one or two euro coins are your first choice. The British will want to use one or two-pound coins for the process. 

Make sure you don't overdo the shaking.

If you use a pill bottle, be sure to clean it up afterward. 

If you plan to spend the changes you used in your process, make sure you clean that up as well.


The "hands-on" Approach

As it turns out, you don't need anything other than your hands to grind up some weed! 

Start by breaking the larger bud into smaller, more manageable parts. You will want to tease them apart rather than try to crush them. From there, use your fingers and nails for whittling them into smaller pieces until you are satisfied. 


Be sure to wash your hands immediately before doing this. Washing them later won't hurt either. 

Proceed slowly and steadily with sticky weeds. If you are too heavy-handed, you may end up compressing it and making it more difficult to smoke. 

On the other hand, if your weeds are too dry, be careful and handle them with care when they reach the texture you want. 

Make sure you use a flat surface, as it will be easier to collect the weed after.


At a Party

You are at a party, and people want to smoke, and while you have a stash of weed, you have nothing to grind it with. 

Thankfully, if it's a well-equipped party, you should have several good course options.

Shot Glass and Scissors

Most homes will have a pair of scissors around and almost certainly a shot glass. 

Well, all you have to do is toss one or two small pieces into a shot glass and start cutting them up. First, cut them in half, then use the scissors to make them smaller and smaller. 


Be sure to wash off the scissors and tumbler before and after this method. 

Don't cut too fast, as hasty action may cause the herb to spill out of the glass. 

Do this on a flat, clean and smooth surface in case something spills. 

The Credit Card

Credit cards are often associated with preparing hard drugs, but we're talking about strict herbal use here! 

Credit cards are made from sturdy plastic, and they are easy to handle and actually cut cannabis very well. 


Use a solid surface that provides adequate resistance for clean cuts. 

Use a clean (and preferably unused) credit card. 

Your card will smell like weed after, so make sure you clean it before you go using it again!


A Blender

This is a little overkill, but it will do the job. 

If it's one of those mixed drinks parties, all you have to do is clean out the blender, make sure it is dry, and throw your herb in there. 

Put the lid on, and you're in the game. 

You need to be careful and switch it to a pulse setting where you can control the mixing time. Proceed at short intervals until you get the desired texture. 


Remove all stems and seeds before mixing, as they can cause problems with the blade of the blender. 

Although it may look cool, this may be a last resort, so make sure there aren't any scissors around. 

The blender can be a bit powerful, so try to limit the mixing time to a few short pulses.


Make Your Own Concentrate

If you don't have a grinder and want a more intense experience, try making your own concentrate. 

These extracts concentrate the cannabinoids into a tasty, sticky, and powerful substance. 

Making the concentrate takes more time than grinding your herb, but you'll enjoy the rewards. Check out the easiest concentrate to make below.


Press it to Get resin

Take some hair straighteners and some parchment paper (unbleached, if you have one) and make some lovely resin, then add it to a bowl or blunt for an extra kick.



Scraping tool

Hair straighteners (2 if possible) 


Set your straighteners to their lowest setting and let them heat up. 

Fold a fat bud into a square of parchment paper. 

Place the wrapped buds between the plates of the hair straighteners and apply firm pressure. 

Hold the plates together for 10 seconds. 

You'll hear the sizzle of the concentrate. 

Release pressure and remove parchment paper

Unfold the paper and remove the buds, then use the scraper tool to collect the resin.


Sieve Kief

Dry sieving allows you to remove the trichomes from cannabis plant material. These tiny glands are loaded with tasty terpenes and psychoactive THC. Sprinkle this powder on joints and bowls to further elevate your mind. 


A Clean surface 

Dry-sift box or fine mesh screen

Cannabis buds 

Credit card or similar item



Put on the gloves. 

Place the plant material on a mesh screen. 

Shake the screen gently to agitate and remove trichomes. 

Use your cards to collect fallen trichomes from the surface below. 


How to make your own grinder

If you don't have a grinder and you have some minimal DIY skills, you can make your own device to grind up cannabis.  


Wood cutoffs 

Wire screen 




Tape measure 

The directions:

To make your DIY grinder cut the wood to make four side pieces to form a frame. 

Make two long pieces (15 cm long and 7.5 cm high), then make two shorter pieces (7.5 cm long and 7.5 cm high). 

Nail the pieces together to create a rectangular frame. 

Cut the wire mesh to a size of 15 x 7.5cm. So it covers the rectangle of the frame. 

Nail the mesh to the top of the frame. 

Place the net frame face up. 

To grind your herb, rub the buds across the wires screen, and the processed bud will fall through the screen to be collected below. 


While there are many ways to process your herb, a grinder is the most straightforward and efficient tool for the job. 

But if you find yourself without one, you can get by, whether it is with a cheese grater, scissors, a blender, or just your fingers. 

Just make sure you enjoy it responsibly in the company of friends. 

Whichever method you use, be sure to clean anything used to grind weed before and after use.