Metal Ashtray

Metal Ashtray

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Description for Metal Ashtray

This quality ashtray is made from tin and comes in multiple designs. 
It has a sunken center to deposit your ash and four notches for holding your cigarette or other smoking instruments 

Made from tin, it is sturdy yet lightweight, so if you do accidentally drop it on the floor, it won't break or shatters. 
Unlike a plastic ashtray that will quickly be covered in scorch marks, this metal ashtray will maintain its stylish look for much longer as it doesn't easily become burned and scorched. 
Pick from one of the nine designs on offer and use them whenever you and your smoking pals tend to get together for a session. (Random delivery, need to specify the style please leave a message)


Material: Tinplate



Weight: 38g


Package includes:

1 x Ashtray

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