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Windproof Ceramic Ashtray

Windproof Ceramic Ashtray

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Description for Windproof Ceramic Ashtray

This ceramic ashtray comes complete with a lid making it windproof, place it on the balcony or decking to smoke outside, and when finished place the lid on top to prevent any ash, hot embers, or smoke from blowing around and messing up the place. The ashtray has three notches to support cigarettes making it suitable for a group of users. Add a little water to the inner raised part allowing you to easily extinguish cigarettes or cigars without making a mess. This ceramic ashtray is robust and very easy to clean with a little water and soap.  


Type: Ashtray

Material: Ceramic

Features: Portable, Durable, Save Space, Easy to Use

Length: 11cm/4.33" (Approx.)

Height: 8cm/3.15" (Approx.)

Weight: 375g


Package Includes:

1 x Ashtray

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