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Lookah Beanie Hat

Lookah Beanie Hat Wool

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Lookah Beanie Hat, Color: White-Green Embroidery Thread
White-Green Embroidery Thread  
Lookah Beanie Hat, Color: Yellow-Red Embroidery Thread
Yellow-Red Embroidery Thread  
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Description for Lookah Beanie Hat Wool

This wool beanie hat is a great way to keep your head toasty warm this winter while rocking the Lookah name. If you're a fan of the Lookah original designs, then this soft, comfy hat is a terrific piece of apparel. You can choose between white and green or yellow and red embroidered text. Be prepared for your outdoor smoking adventures this winter, and take a warm hat with you. 

Material: Wool
Colors Green & White / Yellow & Red


Awesome freebie!! Love beanie hats!!
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